2015 Trip Report

February 8th-15th, 2015
Xeriuini river, brazil

Upon arriving to Manaus, we gathered our luggage and made it through customs. We were then met by a representative that would take us to our hotel for the night. The hotel exceeded our expectations. It had a bar, a pool and a restaurant and had nice comfortable rooms. It was late when we arrived, so we quickly made it to our rooms for some shut eye as morning was quickly approaching.

We awoke the next morning and headed to a smaller airport where we would fly the first leg of the trip into the Amazon. The flight from Manaus into the jungle lasted about an hour and a half. As we took off we got to see the city of Manaus. As we got deeper into the rainforest the small little villages got fewer and farther between. It is a neat experience seeing just how vast the rainforest is from altitude.

We landed in a small village where we were met by friendly locals. Our bags, gear and provisions for the week were unpacked from one plane and loaded onto another plane that would arrive about 20 minutes later. This plane was carrying 8 anglers that were coming from another camp. After a quick chat with them, everything was packed and we were ready to go.

As we got closer to the camp, the plane started to descend and we would drop down on a stretch of the Xeriuini River that was literally on the equator. One of the advantages of this operation is that when water conditions are right, they can move camp up or down stream. When the camp moves, the landing strip (AKA stretch of water than the plane can safely land on) moves as well.

So when they move locations, guides go out and get the coordinates for a straight, deep stretch of water that they can radio into the pilots. The stretch where we dropped down was marked by a lone tree that stood out like a sore thumb along a normal looking tree line. They call it the ‘Zero Tree’ as it sits on the equator.

As we landed, we beached the plane on a sandbar where all of the gear was unpacked and we got to see our first caimen just checking us out. On the sandbar we got to talk to the group that was wrapping up their week and we were able to get the fishing report. ‘Fishing was great, food was great, you guys are going to have a blast.’ Not a bad way to start a trip.

With the boats loaded up and seven eager fisherman, we made our way to camp. The boat ride was a pleasant 10-15 minutes and we arrived at our home for the week where we were met by Gonzalo, our camp host. Camp was set up on a pristine white sand beach. Four guest cabins, a dining cabin, a kitchen and guide quarters.

The cabins were great. Two comfortable twin beds, a sink, bathroom and air conditioner. Each cabin also has a patio area overlooking the river where you can enjoy a cigar and a cocktail after a long day of fishing.

The unpacking went quick, as we had a full day of fishing to get in! We hopped in boats, got matched with guides and we were on our way. It didn’t take long to get into a few fish. After reviewing my trip notes, here are some fishing highlights for each day from the three fly anglers from St. Louis (myself, Bob and Tim).

Saturday, February 7th:

  • Bob caught a 16lber on a Blue/White Lefty’s Deciever
  • 22 other fish
  • Evan & Tim landed 35 fish

Sunday, February 8th:

  • Bob with a 17lber on a Red/White Flashtail Whistler
  • Tim caught a 6lber on Perch Bushpig (one of the hottest hot fly this week)
  • Evan 25 fish 1-4lbs on Red/White Whistler

Monday, February 9th:

  • Tim & Evan had 105 fish day
  • Had BIG peacock attack a dogfish twice, then attacked by piranhas leaving only the head
  • Bob with 8lb peacock on Red/White Whistler

Tuesday, February 10th:

  • Bob & Evan went up creek to lagoon caught 18+ fish over 5lbs
  • Bob & Evan with a double. 8lber and a 6lber both sight fished
  • 85 total with lots of sight fishing to fish cruising in shallows
  • 45 fish for Tim with plenty of 5lb on Bush Pigs

Wednesday, February 11th:

  • Bob with 16lber on Red/White Whistler
  • Evan 35 fish with 5lber the biggest

Thursday, February 12th:

  • Evan with 70 fish
  • 8lber in lagoon, two 6lbers and a few 5lbers with Red/Orange/White Bush Pig being best fly
  • Tim with 8lb, 5lb and a 5lb peacock + others
  • Bob with Arowana

Friday, February 13th:

  • Slow morning, but things picked up.
  • Evan sight fished a few 3-4lb peacocks cruising banks
  • Missed a HUGE peacock that was going for fly, smaller fish beat him to it
  • Bob with his 5th arowana
  • Fire Tiger Bush Pig and Red/White Whistlers were our best flies

While the fishing truly is unreal, the whole experience was unforgetable. The sights and sounds of the rain forest are amazing. From the pairs of macaws flying over head, to the giant otters, to 4.5ft tall stork, the freshwater dolphins to the multiple caiman we saw daily there was never a dull moment. A big thanks to Tim who took all of these great pictures.

Our trip was such a success that we are going back in February 2024. We have again teamed up with J.W. Smith, owner of Rod & Gun Resources to organize the logistics of this trip.

Over the last two decades, his company has sent thousands of clients from all over the world on fishing and hunting trips to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile and is constantly exploring & searching for new waters for his growing list of clients. There is no one more qualified to handle the logistics of a trip into the Amazon than J.W and his team. If you would like to speak to J.W., he is available at 1-800-211-4753.

For complete details of the 2024 trip, click on the button below.